Cannabis Oil as an Alternative Medicine

Cannabis Oil

For centuries, components of the cannabis plant have been used experimentally in the alternative medical field. Modern researchers have found that certain cannabinoids—chemicals that restrict neurotransmitter activity—may possess underlying solutions for select medical conditions. Particularly, cannabidiol (CBD) has garnered public interest as a treatment for early onset epilepsy. When administered as an oil, studies and individual success stories report a significant rate of improvement in children suffering from otherwise treatment-resistant Dravet Syndrome. For this primary reason, among other alleged benefits, cannabis oil has become legalized for medical usage in several states across the United States.

Due to the controversial nature of cannabis, research at this time is limited to a handful of controlled trials. One such trial in 2012 confirmed that cannabis oil does not contain significant amounts of the chemical compound responsible for marijuana’s psychoactive impact, known as tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Cannabidiol, then, does not produce a “high,” nor were there reports of any other negative side effects. Later trials of a drug Epidiolex, derived from cannabis oil, averaged a 53% decrease in seizures over the course of twelve weeks. In animal trials, cannabis oil has been similarly identified as a potential anticonvulsant.

The benefits of cannabis oil are not limited to epilepsy. The biology of THC and CBD is simple: THC bonds readily to certain receptors of the brain, while CBD is less compatible with those receptors. This results in a myriad of therapeutic capabilities without impairing judgment, memory, or coordination. Where recreational marijuana is abused for its euphoric psychological effects, then, CBD has been found useful in counteracting psychotic symptoms. Recent small-scale experiments have implied that cannabis oil may alleviate psychosis in cases of schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease. Additionally, CBD has shown promise in reducing anxiety, both in human and animal patients, on physiological and behavioral levels.

More tangibly, cannabidiol oil interacts with the brain in a similar manner to opioid drugs, which are predominantly used to reduce pain. Cannabis oil is suspected to be a potentially powerful analgesic, and studies have indicated that anti-inflammatory properties are present as well. Combining these two effects could result in a natural, alternative medication for arthritis pain, and its anti-inflammatory component alone could combat stubborn acne.

A number of miscellaneous other benefits abound from cannabidiol’s chemical composition. CBD is considered to be an anti-oxidant, possibly even capable of slowing degenerative diseases and easing the negative symptoms associated with aging. Parents and doctors worldwide increasingly hold CBD oil in high esteem, having witnessed miraculous improvement in their children’s epileptic episodes. However, in-depth studies are limited by federal barricades and financial barriers, and conclusive results on the exact benefits of cannabis oil have yet to be achieved. The stigma surrounding cannabis products is slowly eroding and can even be purchased from online stores such as BTB, and only when the public and health professionals alike see the value in clinical testing of CBD, will we begin to understand and use its full potential.


Making Your Money Last

During tough financial times, it can be difficult to make enough money to pay the bills and your other expenses while saving a little bit of cash for yourself. Fortunately, there are various ways to make your funds last until the next payday. Here are the top way to make your funds last.

Track Your Expenses
If you are like many people in the United States, there is a chance that you make small purchases that are not accounted for in your budget. While one coffee purchase will probably not put a major dent in your budget, many of these purchases can pull a large amount of funds from your budget.

By keeping track of these minor expenses, you will be able to see how much money you are spending on unnecessary items. The very act of tracking these expenses may be enough to prevent you from wasting these funds in the future. Money saved from expenses like this can reallocated into bills and necessities.


5 Books That Will Change Your Life

A self-help book is designed to help people overcome their problems and better themselves. Self-help books are becoming more popular. There are a number of self-help books that you should consider reading. Below is a list of some of those books:

thinkandgrowrichThink And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill

Despite the fact that this book was written in 1937, its principles still apply today. It is also one of the most popular self-help books of all time. The book talks about how people have the to power to change their circumstances by changing the way they think. It also talks about the power of decision-making. Keep in mind that this book does not only focus on gaining material possessions. In fact, the book clearly states that riches cannot always be measured with money. It talks about how we can be successful in all areas of our life.

winfriendsHow To Win Friends And Influence By Dale Carnegie

This book was also written in 1937. It is a must-read book for anyone who is trying to start their own business. It talks about how going the extra mile to make someone else’s day can benefit you in many ways. It also talks about how one of the keys to succeeding in any type of business is to form relationships with other people.

feelinggoodFeeling Good The New Mood Therapy By David Burns

This book focuses on cognitive behavior therapy. Cognitive behavior focuses on changing a person’s way of thinking. If a person’s way of thinking is changed, then his or her behavior will change also. Cognitive behavior therapy helps people break negative thinking patterns. Negative thinking patterns, such as guilt and self-judgment, can cause negative behaviors.

thinkingfastandslowThinking Fast And Slow By Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman is a Nobel Prize winner. He believes that there are two types of thinking, fast and slow. The slow method of thinking is self-reflexive and deliberate. The fast method of thinking is made up of hard-wired instincts. This book outlines the benefits of both methods of thinking.


philosophyPhilosophy For Life Written By Jules Evans

Philosophy can be a very hard subject to understand. This book breaks down philosophy and makes it easy to understand. It also discusses cognitive behavior therapy in detail. People who want to get a better understanding of philosophy should definitely consider reading this book.


Finding Success In Life- Become the Man of Your Dreams

confidenceMost people dream of one day becoming prosperous. However, only a small percentage of people are fortune enough to reach their true potential. Here are a few critical tips to help you to find success in life.

Have confidence

Regardless of what your goals are in life, you must remain confident. Even a small amount of self-doubt can prevent you from being successful. Although a person’s confidence levels may fluctuate, it is never a good idea to develop a defeated mindset. It is essential that you keep an optimistic attitude at all times. Never stop believing in yourself.

Do not allow others to hinder your progression

Another person should not be able to dictate your future success. If someone doubts your abilities, simply overlook their negativity and remain focused on the big picture. Remember, even the most accomplished people have their fair share of critics. Although Michael Jordan is now a world-famous athlete, he still encountered many naysayers on his road to success.

Learn from your mistakes

On your journey toward the top, you are bound to have a few failures along the way. However, do not allow a few setbacks to ruin your mood. Wise people always make it a priority to learn from their mistakes. Instead of dwelling on your past failures, concentrate on improving each day.


Brain Feeling Sluggish? Give Nootropics A Try

sluggishIf you’ve ever walked into a room and forgot what you needed in there, you’ve experienced brain fog. It’s a pretty aggravating problem, especially when it prevents you from getting things done. Luckily, there are ways you can banish that fog for good thanks to a little class of supplements called nootropics.

Nootropics, better known as smart drugs or brain boosters, are designed to enhance brain function in much the same way that vitamin C boosts the immune system. By definition, these supplements have little to no side effects and may even be able to improve brain health over the long term. And while many nootropic users just want something to help them cram for an exam, these supplements can do so much more than that.

The theory goes that body follows mind, so by improving brain health we can also improve our physical health. People buy nootropics for a wide variety reasons of brain functions but the three most popular benefits are: